Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Dixie review, video, photos, swatches

Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Dixie review, video, photos, swatches


What I really like is when brands consider making there best-sellers as gifts during promotions, rather than products nobody buys. This is how I got the Cream Blusher.

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Right now, I have two creamy blushers in my possession: YSL Crème de Blush and Illamasqua Cream Blusher.While the first one is mousse-like, silicony and matte, the second one gives almost a gelee feeling and dewy shine. This is not what I expected from a gothic brand like Illamasqua, so I was gladly surprised.

This is nothing like Gothic, it’s actually a pastorale. Gelee of finest texture, ideally gliding on top of foundation and able to be blended from “blushing gal” to slight tint. The pigment is not stain-like at all, which is important to me.

Non sticky, non heavy. There is no shimmer or pearl, just some wet dewy shine and tenderness. All Cream Blusher tints have it, according to the official website.

The box is typical, black plastic, and you open it by the sides. Slightly uncomfortable but bearable. It is weightless, and if you add the universal use to it (cheeks, lips, eyes) – we got a perfect candidate for travel and purse!

За мной, читатель!

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  1. Февраль 1, 2012 / 07:37

    Какое видео романтическое, Кать! Вот у кого надо учиться снимать!))

  2. ninfeobeauty
    Февраль 1, 2012 / 07:44

    Спасибо, Юля!! Хехе, слишком уж я развела романтику, иногда думаю что надо более конкретно 🙂

  3. Февраль 1, 2012 / 07:58

    Нет, это очень интересно!)) Ты иногда ещё так улыбаешься. 🙂 Прям улыбаюсь в ответ тоже. :):):)

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