SEBASTIAN Whipped Cream Review

(*medium-full hair, thin, frizzy, dry, soft colored, slightly curly)

Sebastian used to have my favorite hair product: leave-in smoothing serum Evokativ Nudist with amazing vanilla-coconut scent.
Even though you can still get it in some online-stores, Sebastian changed the line so I decided to try their new product called Whipped Crème. According to description, it is supposed to nourish hair, give slight hold and improve the quality of curls. Evokativ Nudist used to give me wonderful soft glossy hair in combination with living curls and used to totally eliminate the frizz, so I kinda hoped for the same effect with Whipped Crème.

I had to find out that the products are different. Evokativ Nudist used to make my hair soft and glossy, but gave practically no hold. As for Whipped Cream – it does smooth out well with a hairdryer and gives good shape and hold, but you can’t expect the “touchiness” of your hair with it. My hair is not the same as with Nudist. Not as soft, not as curly. If you blow-dry a little and leave it to dry itself, the hair won’t really curl, even though they hold the shape.

This photo is after blow-drying with moderate amount of  SEBASTIAN Whipped Cream with flash, that exaggerated  the gloss in comparison with daylight. I have rather thin rare hair right now, so I guess Whipped Cream did give them a good boost!

What I like most is the combination of volume effect with lightness of hair. For the first time I squeezed too much product and being greedy put it all in. To my pleasant surprise,  the hair did not react sticky or heavy! Only the next day I noticed that they started asking for wash sooner than normal.  So my advise would be not to put too much product in order to keep the hair look fresh for longer time.

За мной, читатель!

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