FEATURE: Beauty Blitz Issue 2

Once in a while, I present a compilation of interesting practical beauty tips from all over the world. 
Issue #2,  now also in English!

It all started started here.  To my delight, many of your really liked the format of sharing practical tips, tricks, and  secrets of maintaining our beauty. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your experience!

New subscribers, welcome over here and I very much hope that you too share and clarify whether you like these tips or maybe you do iti better, faster, stronger and using smarter products? :))

For those who missed it, a short recap : my beauty-blitz is a collection of short interesting practical beauty tips from a variety of resources, but mostly from bloggers, gurus, and simply enthusiastic people from around the world.

Together with the make-up artist Alexandra [info]aleksa_vilkova  we lately figured out how to solve the problem traces of glasses on the nose bridge: the fixing Spray MAC, or, as referred by Natasha [info]maddyflower  Urban Decay De-Slick – those are probably our everything against the chaos under our sunglasses. 

But there are still so many obstacles to perfection, so take a comfy seat and read on!

In decorative cosmetics, there are no rules. We repeat: no rules. There is harmony, there is individuality, but no rules. Try not to do routine of your makeup. Let us each time invent, create and follow even the most crazy ideas!
Bronzer can be used as eyeshadow, says Alena 
Or as a lipstick! Yeah, and very beautifully too, as Rimma’s [info]gotika_7 subscribers have seen.
A lipstick – as if it’s blush, and do not forget to smile like that!
A suitable eyeshadow you can use all over your face – says Vasilina [info]vvasilina in her excellent post.

Man talk.

Charming Richie Nickel advises to start-up with lip balm, so that by the time when it comes to lipstick, lips are soft. Another handsome fellow Josh(ua) petrilude gives the same advice, adding that the method will also allow for product to be absorbed well while doing make-up.
I’ve been doing the same some time myself! I even went even further: while fetching the needed makeup and clothes from the drawer, I like to put on a face cream or a mask. The skin over the 10-15 minutes is well moistened and smooth. Especially good are sheet masks – they are not be washed away, so that saves you time, plus, it just comes as an intensive nourishing cream-lotion, without a hint of grease, so that any conflict with foundation is eliminated.

This one is from me 🙂 I hate to use hand cream during day. At night – sure!, but during day I just can not walk around with something on my hands. I really need the feeling of totally clean hands. I even wash my hands almost every hour, especially in summer. Therefore, during the day I found a way to keep the hands moist – namely, using sprays for the face! Clinique Moisture Surge or La Mer The Mist. Excellent moisturizing without any stickyness.

Traditionally in the end I present to you some nice blogs. Professional make-up, chiseled face and a very accurate makeup and photos from  Lauren Clark.

Images: http://www.lauren-clark.com/blog/
See you next time!

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